Reasons Why People Want and Use LibertyRx

Liberty Rx

1. Walk In and use our LibertyRx Card for savings at 98% of all US Pharmacies and Drug Stores This is not a discount card, it is a reduced fee-for service program with pre-negotiated pricing.
Plus we give you any rebates at point of sale that the manufacturer has for the sellers.

2. US Mail Order Program included that is fast and convenient to save more money on your drugs.

3. Canadian/International Mail Order Program to use if Rx is available – Get HUGE SAVINGS.

4. Includes 100% of all FDA Approved Drugs even those your Health Insurance does not cover.

5. FREE Doctors Prescribing Guide to help patient and Doctor find lower cost alternative drugs.

6. Easy To Look Up Prices before you go to pharmacy or order through home delivery.
Plus an “800″ Number Provided to members for personalized price look up and help.


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